Return policy? Any items that will be returned has to have a defect, damage or misprint. To return your products you must notify me three weeks in advance you can get a refund as well. Upon returning your products you will receive a new products. We do not accept returns of face masks because of health and hygiene reasons. If your items go to the wrong address we will not be responsible. We do not do returns for the wrong size items. We do not do returns for buyers remorse.

 Security? Our store is PCI compliant by default so you can keep payment info and payment data safe.

Do you do collabs in freelance? We do collab and and license artwork out to other stores or companies if you would like to work on a design go to the contact us page.

How long does it take for shipping? For shipping it usually takes one to two weeks.

Tracking shipment? When you complete a checkout, you're given a URL to the order status page, which is the final page of the checkout process. You can track the status of the order on this page, and might contact you if they have questions about their order. You can also contact us about the order if you go to contact us.